Friday, January 02, 2015

WOLF THOUGHT DOMESTICATED / El pensamiento del Lobo domesticado


El Pensamiento del Lobo Domesticado

Experimental Film about how the "Wolf thought Domesticated"

direction production: dr. bistu ryx

special feat: "WOLF"

performance: OLARTE

musik: shamanic Noise

costume: Recyclo Rubbish

mask: traditional Maya mask

Thanks a lot a the Olarte lara family for his support in this project, a the shamanistic influence from Huitotos, yaguas, Ticunas, Coguis, Muiscas, Chibchas, Nasa, Amazonas, mayas, Aztecas, toltecas, Incas.

Bogota, Colombia 2015

Thursday, January 01, 2015

PERFORMANCE la modelo se quedo ciega

VIDEO PERFORMANCE The model who was left blind
VIDEO PERFORMANCE La Modelo se quedo ciega
This video PERFORMANCE is about "the Model who was left blind" la modelo se quedo ciega

camara: automatic
performer: dr. bistu ryx
musica: la modelo (version susurrada) kraftwerk
Producer: Olarte
Bogota, Colombia